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Drawing with light. Easy to do!

Want to know how to take pictures like these?
Yes?? I thought so ;) here is how you can do it. What you will need: a camera with adjustable Shutter Priority and a timer a flashlight a dark room or night a tri-pod or something to set your camera on First of all go into the dark room or go outside at night. Grab your tri-pod, camera, and flash light and set your camera up on the tri-pod where you want it. Now, go into your camera settings or menu, and find something called "Shutter speed" "S" "Shutter priority" something involving the shutter. When you find that setting, find out how to adjust it. On my camera I can just push the arrows back and forth, but everyone's are different. If you have found buttons that give you the option to change the number on the screen from 1.2 to 2" you are doing good! :D the numbers that have a quotation mark at the end represent how many seconds that the shutter will be left open, if you need 5 seconds to draw wit…