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5 Night games to play with friends

Winter is here! The days are shorter and colder, which makes it the perfect time of year to play some night games inside, or outside. Here are 5 night games that I love to play and I think you will too :)

1. Ghost in the Graveyard
Get a group of friends, and big yard or medium sized house.
One person will be the Ghost, this person goes off and hides somewhere in the yard or house; Meanwhile, the rest of the players are counting to 1 minute at a base that they have decided upon, giving the ghost time to hide.
When the minute is up the ghost should be hidden, and the fun begins. All of the players who were counting at the base have to go and find the ghost.
When someone spots the ghost yell, "GHOST IN THE GRAVEYARD!!" and everyone needs to get back to the base as fast as you can.
If you get to base, you are safe. If you are caught by the ghost, you are out.
There isn't much of a point to this game, it is the fright factor that makes it so fun. I play thi…


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