5 Night games to play with friends

Winter is here! The days are shorter and colder, which makes it the perfect time of year to play some night games inside, or outside. Here are 5 night games that I love to play and I think you will too :)

1. Ghost in the Graveyard
Get a group of friends, and big yard or medium sized house.
One person will be the Ghost, this person goes off and hides somewhere in the yard or house; Meanwhile, the rest of the players are counting to 1 minute at a base that they have decided upon, giving the ghost time to hide.
When the minute is up the ghost should be hidden, and the fun begins. All of the players who were counting at the base have to go and find the ghost.
When someone spots the ghost yell, "GHOST IN THE GRAVEYARD!!" and everyone needs to get back to the base as fast as you can.
If you get to base, you are safe. If you are caught by the ghost, you are out.
There isn't much of a point to this game, it is the fright factor that makes it so fun. I play this with my cousins who are 5-9 and they love it :D

2. Capture the flag
Get a group of friends, an even number is preferable. Find a big yard or building to play this in.
Divide into two teams, divide the space into two sides, and grab 2 items to use as flags (we usually use bandanas). Decide what team gets which side, and hide your team flag on your side.
Gather at the deviding line and begin.
The object of the game is to get the other teams flag to your own side, the first team to do that wins, but don't worry, you can defend your flag.
If someone from the opposite team is on your side trying to sneak around and find your flag, you can tag them and when you do that they are captured.
Pick a place and call it your jail, anyone from the opposite side that you tag on your side goes to jail and can only be set free when one of their own team members come to tag them out. If their team member succeeds in tagging the captured player, they both get a free walk back to their own side.
This is another game that we often play with a group of people from ages 5-16 at birthday parties in the backyard.

3. Cops and Robbers
You can play with any amount of people! Ideally 6-10 is a nice number to play with. and find a nice big space.
Pick a few people to be the robbers, and the rest of you are cops.
Set a starting point and base that are fairly far from each other.
The goal of the game for the Robbers is to get from the starting point to the base (wherever you decide that will be) without getting tagged by the cops, whose goal is to tag all the robbers before they get to base. If more robbers get to base than are caught, they win, if more robbers are caught than get to base, the cops win!

4.Creature of the dark
Get a group of at least 10 people (the bigger the better) and a big yard or building, both with lots of hiding places. You will also need 3 glow sticks and a flashlight.
Pick a room to be the base, and pick someone to be the creature. The creature can not enter the base. Everyone stays in the base for about 5 minutes, while the creature goes out and hides the glow sticks, then hides. The flash light stays in base.
After 5 minutes everyone goes out and has 15-20 minutes to get all three glow sticks back to base, when all three are there you grab the flashlight and shine it on the creature to win the game. BUT if the creature tags you, you are frozen. If you have the glow stick in hand when the creature tags you, the creature can hide the glow stick in a new place. Another player must tag you to be unfrozen, and you can join right back in the game. If you fail to gather the glow sticks and shine the flashlight on the creature when the 15 or 20 minutes are up, the creature wins! Make sense? :D

5. Mafia
You will need at least 5 players, a deck of cards, and any size house or yard.
Pick out as many cards as there are players, one of them must be a joker. Everyone draws a card (don't show it to anyone), if you have the joker you are the mafia, if not you are a random citizen.
If you are the mafia, your goal is to kill everyone else without getting caught, if you do that you win. The way to kill someone is to come up to them and swipe the edge of your hand on their neck, when you kill someone you can tell them to go and hide somewhere, the dead person cannot talk or tell who killed them.
If a citizen finds a dead body, the citizen yells "BALLOONS!" (we don't want to go around yelling dead body) and the game pauses and everyone goes to the person who yelled it. Everyone takes a guess at who they think killed the citizen, no one has to say that it was them, then they vote. "who ever thinks it was Lilly raise your hand." "whoever thinks it was Michael raise your hand." the person with the majority of votes against them is killed off, weather they were the mafia or not, they then say if they were the mafia. If the citizens guessed right and the person they voted out was the mafia, the game is over and they have won. If that person was not the mafia, they continue the game, and the mafia still has a chance to win. Repeat this process every time a dead body is found until you vote the mafia out or the mafia kills everyone!

So those are 5 of my favorite night games, I hope there was one or two there that you haven't heard of until now, to give you some new ideas!!
Thanks for reading, and have a great day!
-Lilly :)


  1. Thanks Lilly--my daughter is having night games part today and your post was very helpful!


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