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The Craftsman Diaries # 1 (Standing Desk)

I have had the same desk for at least 8 years. I have also grown about 3 feet closer to the sun.
It was definitely time for a new, adult sized, desk! Welcome to the Craftsman Diaries, because I like to think I am one, and because nothing is more interesting than furniture.

Have you heard about standing desks? Apparently they're better for you than sitting, and keep you from aging, and give you spidey powers and stuff... which is great, because I don't like sitting and wanted to be immortal anyway. ;) So I started looking for a standing desk. 
There are few things in life more difficult than finding manufactured surface structures tall enough for me, so I thought this was going to be very difficult; but the fact of the matter is that from the time when I decided I needed a new desk, to when I actually acquired one, was only a day. 
I was prepared to be so patient, because usually these things take time!! Furniture is not like upholstery where an impulse decision won'…