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Resolutions: A Thing of the Past. 2017 GOALS

First I want to tell you that in my labeling haste, I named this post "2016 Goals" before quickly realizing my error. Dang it. XD
Luckily none of my goals have anything against antedating, because this would be a swift and crushing blow to many of my dreams.
Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. This is Life Close Captioned, after all. *wink*
2017, MY OLD FRIEND!! (Time traveler's humor; you wouldn't understand.)
The new year is already in full swing, and so far it's going great. I've eaten more junk food than I care to admit, and watched the first new episodes of Sherlock to come out since the last inaccurately predicted apocalypse has come and gone. I spent the first two weeks of this year on a much needed getaway, where I did nothing but follow the whims of my heart, and fall victim to two different sicknesses. I know the sickness thing can be kind of a downer, but it's actually been quite awesome to have an excuse to do a lot more nothing, be…