Resolutions: A Thing of the Past. 2017 GOALS

First I want to tell you that in my labeling haste, I named this post "2016 Goals" before quickly realizing my error. Dang it. XD
Luckily none of my goals have anything against antedating, because this would be a swift and crushing blow to many of my dreams.
Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. This is Life Close Captioned, after all. *wink*
2017, MY OLD FRIEND!! (Time traveler's humor; you wouldn't understand.)
The new year is already in full swing, and so far it's going great. I've eaten more junk food than I care to admit, and watched the first new episodes of Sherlock to come out since the last inaccurately predicted apocalypse has come and gone. I spent the first two weeks of this year on a much needed getaway, where I did nothing but follow the whims of my heart, and fall victim to two different sicknesses. I know the sickness thing can be kind of a downer, but it's actually been quite awesome to have an excuse to do a lot more nothing, because I worked myself way too hard over the Holidays. :P 
While 2015 was one of my most memorable years, 2016 was over before I knew it, so I'm excited to slow down and make more time for what I love so that this year will be packed with memories as well.

1. The challenge demands satisfaction- 
1. The challenge demands satisfaction 
1. Read the Bible every day. 
Both realistic, and beneficial, this one is going beautifully so far. Haven't missed a day yet because I just don't want to, it's too fun! I've completed a few different "read your bible cover to cover in a year" plans before and they were awesome, but this year I want to spend time on whatever parts of the bible I'm most interested in. And I have no set amount to read either; if it's been an exhausting day, I'll just read a little bit. It works really good. :)
2. Post on Instagram every day.
I use my Instagram all the time to share my photography, booktube updates, hilarity, all things good. But I don't like the overall look of my account. I never have. XD You might say that I'm hoping for more of a theme, but I think what I'm hoping for is just improvement and a change of scene. I usually just take photos in my room because that's where I am the majority of the time, so I want to challenge myself to go outside or something! This is basically just a reminder to keep practicing, carry my real camera with me, and do something worth remembering every day.
3. Gain Back Flexibility.
This could be read in two ways. Gain back flexibility. Gain back flexibility. My back is fine, or, it's not the main concern at the moment. I just want to be able to do the splits again! :'D I did Gymnastics for 10 years, and since I stopped I've noticed my flexibility diminishing little by little every year. Now it's at the point where I can't touch my toes, so that's where I draw the line. I tried to get my splits back in Nov. 2015, but then I tore a muscle and was told not to do the splits for a year. "Dang it," I said to that. But it's time to try again with a much better and smartful approach. Wish me luck.
4. Go small business shopping often. 
People are always pushing small businesses, and I've never really cared too much for the concept of paying more for the "shop local" experience, but guess what are also small and businesses? Bakeries. Now that I can do. B) I do want to continue looking for cool local shops and things around, because my mom and I went to a novelty store last month and it was the most fun place I've ever known, so I know there are worthwhile places out there now!
5. Buy more CLOTHES.
This is a good one. :D I have a lot of fun with fashion, so I really want to try to rebuild my wardrobe again now that I have a new sense of self. (thanks, Dressing Your Truth ;) This is going to include a lot of thrift shopping, and a lot of pushing myself to make the big purchases on clothes that I know I'll really love.
6. Read 40 books.
I'm already questioning myself on this one. This is the same goal I had for 2016, and I just barely met it in time. But I do have a lot of books that I reeeeally want to read. If I need to change it, I'll change it. As long as I read something!
7. End 12 Projects.
I'm so good at starting projects and then trying to make myself follow through on every one of them, causing much unneeded stress and a cloudy sense of direction and purpose. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘I'm going to either complete, or let go of AT LEAST 12 projects. I started writing a list of my current projects the other day and it got into the 20's. πŸ˜…These are things that I think about needing to finish every day, so when I'm asked to do anything else I can't feel like I'm free to agree because there are so many other things I have to do! So to those perpetual tasks, I say, goodbye!
8. Make a Youtube video every week.
This is also kind of pushing it because this is a big thing to try to do every single week, but I'm hoping to have a little more structure in my uploading routine anyways so we'll see how it all works. I love my book tube channel, and I have a lot of fun with it, so I want to be a lot more proactive with it and see what happens. :) And if you're hearing about this for the first time, here's a link, I'd love to hear what you think of my videos!! :D Youtube: Lillywhy
9. Become Ambidextrous.
My main reason for doing this is to even out my arms, because my right arm is way more muscly than my left and it drives me crazy!! But it would also just be awesome to switch hands and shock the world. >:D

I'm excited to refocus on what's important to me instead of what seems crucial, and to sloooow down. Like a sloth. But not the sloth from Zootopia, because I've seen that crazy sloth scene more times than anyone should ever see that scene.
That will be all for now, and I'll probably have some more goals when February rolls around! I like goals better than resolutions. Like, if you say, "My goal is to eat pizza every day this year." the response from people would probably be something like, "You do that!" But if you declared your resolution to eat pizza every day this year, it would probably inspire your friends to give you your own personal intervention.
Don't eat pizza too much. Do it often, but not too often.
Happy 2017. :)


  1. Lo and behold, another blog post. :)

    These sound like great goals, and honestly, I think your goals are a lot more noble than mine. XD I set easy goals that I knew I would be able to achieve, whereas your goals sound like you're actually bettering yourself. Oh well, I can't be perfect. ;)


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