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Painting Lampshades

Good morning star-shine!
As you may or may not know, and you probably do because my friends are aware of this and to my knowledge my friends are the only ones currently reading my blog, but I have been quite sick this past week. It's been one of those sicknesses that's been completely different every day so I'm never sure what to expect, yet all the same I've been sick enough to have to stay in bed all week. Until yesterday...
Yesterday I found myself wide awake at 6am. I was trying to rest until 12, so you can imagine why this could be problematic. I did what I usually do when I can't get to sleep again, and went to Pinterest for a good hour or two. And when the sun began to rise off on the horizon somewhere- there was a thick layer of fog in the morning that turned into clouds for the rest of the day so I'm actually not even sure that the sun rose yesterday, but assuming it did- I had an epiphany. I decided that I wanted to completely redecorate my room.
I ca…

Glow in the Dark Art

Today, I am an artist.
I have this glow in the dark fabric paint that I bought at Jo-Anns the other day because I needed it for a birthday present I was making my cousin. The gift turned out beautifully, and I realized I needed more glow in the dark pieces in my home.

We bought these little paintings (there are two, I'm only showing one because I don't love the other as much as I should) at Goodwill in 2012, according to the tag. I'm hoping green tags were half off though.

Why do I have such a strong dislike for these paintings? I don't know. But here comes the happy part of my story, I found a way to make me love them more. FLUORESCENCE.

That's right, I changed them completely. Well actually I didn't, the paint isn't visible in the light. But I think I like them more now that I know they they do something cool.
You want to see what it looks like when it's glowing? Of course I took a long exposure photo for you.

Isn't that so much better?
A glowing …

Fall Favorites [2015]

Why is Autumn so great?
There are a lot of reasons to enjoy this new season that is finally settling in among us in the pacific north-west. When most people hear 'fall' they think of leaves changing colors, cold weather, and the flavor of pumpkin somehow finding it's way into the ingredient list of every comfort food known to man. For some people, fall is a more unsettling season, as it reminds them constantly of that one time they had a terrible fall down a flight of stairs, into a recycling truck, and back up the stairs in a stunning contrast to the laws of gravity. It's a bittersweet time.
I think fall is over-hyped. Sure I enjoy everything that everyone else is getting excited over; bon fires, corn mazes, hot chocolate... But I think there are quite a few wonderful things about fall that don't get enough hype at all. So today I'll be sharing a list of a few things that you may not normally think of this time of year, but by the end of this post you will hav…