Fall Favorites [2015]

Why is Autumn so great?
There are a lot of reasons to enjoy this new season that is finally settling in among us in the pacific north-west. When most people hear 'fall' they think of leaves changing colors, cold weather, and the flavor of pumpkin somehow finding it's way into the ingredient list of every comfort food known to man. For some people, fall is a more unsettling season, as it reminds them constantly of that one time they had a terrible fall down a flight of stairs, into a recycling truck, and back up the stairs in a stunning contrast to the laws of gravity. It's a bittersweet time.
I think fall is over-hyped. Sure I enjoy everything that everyone else is getting excited over; bon fires, corn mazes, hot chocolate... But I think there are quite a few wonderful things about fall that don't get enough hype at all. So today I'll be sharing a list of a few things that you may not normally think of this time of year, but by the end of this post you will have no choice but to have them stuck in your memory for many years to come. Excited? Me too. Okay, here we go.

1. Fuzzy Pants
I know you've heard of fuzzy socks, and fuzzy blankets, but have you ever owned a pair of fuzzy pants? Maybe. But not like these ones. In the images here I am modeling my many different pairs, and having a lovely autumn time doing it.

2. Marathoning the Halloween Episodes of Old Disney Shows
This is a favorite tradition of mine. I used to do it every year, until the shows stopped airing, and Netflix took them off their streaming service. Now I just sit around, wishing for the good old days. Maybe I should buy these shows to own on DVD. Nah! Actually I am going to consider doing that.

 3. Fashion Statements
There are some things that you can only wear in the fall. I don't mean beanies or scarves either, I mean something a little more hard core, like this purple hat. Notice the fuzz on this hat. From far away, sometimes people mistake this for my natural hair.


Outfit co-ordination is my biggest strength.

Fall is also a time to get out your rain proof gear. And if it's pink rain gear, that's even better. And luckily my mom has a collection of unique umbrellas that all match this coat perfectly.

4. You Can Literally Eat More Than You Could in the Summer
This is something that I've noticed for years, but I never understood why. It is very rare for me to be very hungry during the summer, at all. I'll accidentally go a day and realize I've only eaten watermelon. Recently I read The Martian, by Andy Weir, which is about a guy living on Mars. There was a time in the book where the main character was doing some calculations and figured out that if he was in a warm environment he wouldn't be burning as many calories as usual because his body didn't have to do extra work to keep his internal temperature at the usual level. This could be completely accurate, or this could be a work of fiction like the plot of this book, but I choose to accept this as a confirmation for my theory.

5. Home Security
Did you ever think about the fact that the leaves on your bushes or trees becoming more sparse is an excellent thing for the safety of your home, because now burglars can't hide behind them and spy on you? Also, the crunchy leaves on the ground make it near impossible for anyone to be sneaky, so if someone was even trying to break into your house, you would know it before they even got to the door. This is why no crime movies are ever filmed in the fall. Leaves. Nature's security system.

6. Maple Syrup
This is not necessarily a common autumn flavor, but think about it. How would we be eating our pumpkin spice waffles if maple syrup wasn't available year round? And what about our pumpkin pancakes? Those poor things wouldn't have any meaning to their lives. Maple syrup is essential to October/November happiness. I would also like to bring back to your attention those maple leaf cookies that I always forget about. One time I bought a box of Canadian maple leaf cookies when I was in Vancouver, and all I have to say about that is now I REALLY want to go back and buy another box. And go to Canada. I love Canada. So cheers to the sap of a maple tree. You are an important part of the autumn experience.

Those are just a few reasons why autumn is so fantastic, and if you were feeling kind of sick of the stereotypes, I hope this gave you a fresh new look at why everyone loves this wonderful time of year. Share this with any friends who would appreciate these words. And I hope you enjoy your fall!! See you next trip, am I right?



  1. You forgot the fact that everything is pumpkin flavored...literally everything!

    1. Actually I did mention that! Just in a very subtle way. First paragraph. ;) Thanks for reading!

  2. Wow. Just wow. That fashion statement was definitely....a statement. This blog is amazing.


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