Glow in the Dark Art

Today, I am an artist.
I have this glow in the dark fabric paint that I bought at Jo-Anns the other day because I needed it for a birthday present I was making my cousin. The gift turned out beautifully, and I realized I needed more glow in the dark pieces in my home.

We bought these little paintings (there are two, I'm only showing one because I don't love the other as much as I should) at Goodwill in 2012, according to the tag. I'm hoping green tags were half off though.
It's a possibility that these paintings were donated in 2012, and simply went unwanted for a couple years, and they jumped in our cart in 2014. Just a thought. 

Why do I have such a strong dislike for these paintings? I don't know. But here comes the happy part of my story, I found a way to make me love them more. FLUORESCENCE.
I bet you can't guess which Disney movie my 5 year old cousin is obsessed with by those paint colors. 

That's right, I changed them completely. Well actually I didn't, the paint isn't visible in the light. But I think I like them more now that I know they they do something cool.
You want to see what it looks like when it's glowing? Of course I took a long exposure photo for you.

XL so you can appreciate it fully. Notice the light coming from the small cottage in the field.
Isn't that so much better?
A glowing path. Green stars. Nothing says "I'm a unique conversation piece" like green stars.
Maybe this will be one of those things that you see but you never actually do, and maybe you'll actually do it. My recommendation for anything that glows in the dark is through the roof, so you can imagine what I'm going to encourage you to do.
That is all for today, and I hope this has been.... illuminating.
Thanks for reading!


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