The Mayor ABC 1x01 Review [No Spoilers]

If Yvette Nicole Brown has anything to do with it, I'm there. That's how I learned about this new show on ABC....

The Pilot episode for The Mayor just premiered this week, and I tried it out today, as I had some free time after catching up on The Good Place. Remind me to do a review on The Good Place. SO COOL.
22 minute episodes are so great, why did we ever switch to 43?! Anyway, about The Mayor.
What a great looking show!!
This is about a guy (see dude in denim jacket) who runs for Mayor as a publicity stunt to propel his rapping career. He doesn't care about actually getting elected, but he ends up being a compelling candidate and accidentally wins a four year term. That's one way to discover a talent!
He now finds himself in a position of great responsibility, but he doesn't let the job intimidate him. He works straight from the heart, tackling problems that he knows people actually care about, in a way that allows the community to be involved. It's really, really awesome. So far it's not political at all despite the premise. Like obviously it's about politics, but it's inspiring to see a city run more like a community and less like a business. It may not be the most effective way to get things done, and at times it can be problematic, but it sure is refreshing.
Now I believe this is primarily a comedy, but it's not just a nonsense comedy as you can probably tell. My main takeaway from the show was the interesting story, with the jokes coming in at 2nd place.
The jokes were way too good, though. It was funny and fresh! I laughed out loud multiple times, so I have a feeling that this is a show I'm going to be excited to watch every week.
I've never seen Lea Michele in anything before, so I'm interested to see how her character grows throughout the season. At the moment, she's kind of the debbie-downer of the story so I'm not a huge fan yet. Don't be crushing Courtney's dreams, lady!!
In a way I'm reminded of Parks and Rec, but it's not nearly as quirky as that.

  • Courtney (denim dude) is Tom Haverford with his entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Lea Michele's character who's name escapes me is Leslie Knope with her planners and index cards. Oh those index cards.
  • Those two guys who's names I also have not learned are like Ben and Andy; night and day.
  • Yvette (Courtney's Mom. Also nameless to me.) has to be compared to Ann Perkins. What a strong powerful land-mermaid.
Also, Daveed Diggs made an appearance in the pilot. As a Hamilton fan, I find this wonderful.
If you give this show a watch I'd love to know what you think!
I can't wait to see where this story goes! 
Until next time, my fellow television enthusiasts.


  1. I've seen this advertised, and I've been curious. I might have to give the first episode a try. :)


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