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The Happy Tag

Um, excuse me? You want me to do a tag that involves me listing my favorite things about my life? I AM SO DOWN. Keep scrolling, and what you'll read is a list of things that make me happy, categorized for convenience and the overall appeal of organization.
Thank you sister/colleague for tagging me, you are tooooooooooo kind!!
Okay how do I do this? Link.Link.Link.Link. Thank you. Enjoy. Link. 

Books that make me happy:

The MartianThe Secret CircleJurassic ParkDivergentShakespeareThe Brothers Grimm fairy talesThe Doctor Who 50th Anniversary stories (9's - 11's) 

PizzaPlantainThe Hebrew word for "Darkness"This pronunciation


Fantastic Mr. FoxMegamindGone With the WindPirates of the CaribbeanThe Three AmigosOnce Upon A TimeGilmore GirlsLand of the LostParks and RecreationiCarlyGood Luck CharlieThe Suite Life of Zack and CodyThat's So RavenDoctor Who seasons 4 and 5Into the Woods

LavenderMintSnickerdoodlesThis magical translucent makeup powde…

Inspiration by Sepia

The other day I found myself holding my camera and setting it to sepia and having a "deep and meaningful" photoshoot in my living room. These are the resulting photos, complete with life changing captions.


Interview With my Nearest Blood Relation

Today's post is very exciting for me because I get to introduce my awesome sister in a strange way. Her name is Mary, and on her blog we did the sister tag. We tried to make it entertaining for you, so go check it out if you want to know some more about our lives. And take a little time to look around Mary's blog, because she's got some awesome stuff going on over there!
What we did here has no name, they were just questions that I knew would prompt interesting answers. Links provided in spontaneous places to enrich your blog post experience.
Lettuce begin....

What is the most memorable thing we've done past 12am?
Mary: We've done a lot of things.
Lilly: We had a dance party in the street at midnight once.
Mary: Pretty much everything we do is after 12! At our friend's Bella and Sophie's house, we made grilled cheese at like 2am.
Lilly: Yeaahh, we watched a Duck Dynasty Cooking Show, a Panda documentary, and Tuck Everlasting.
Mary: Oh here's one, the first ni…