Interview With my Nearest Blood Relation

Today's post is very exciting for me because I get to introduce my awesome sister in a strange way. Her name is Mary, and on her blog we did the sister tag. We tried to make it entertaining for you, so go check it out if you want to know some more about our lives. And take a little time to look around Mary's blog, because she's got some awesome stuff going on over there!
What we did here has no name, they were just questions that I knew would prompt interesting answers. Links provided in spontaneous places to enrich your blog post experience.
Lettuce begin....

What is the most memorable thing we've done past 12am?
Mary: We've done a lot of things.
Lilly: We had a dance party in the street at midnight once.
Mary: Pretty much everything we do is after 12! At our friend's Bella and Sophie's house, we made grilled cheese at like 2am.
Lilly: Yeaahh, we watched a Duck Dynasty Cooking Show, a Panda documentary, and Tuck Everlasting.
Mary: Oh here's one, the first night we went to storybrooke we arrived after 12 am.
Lilly: Oh my goodness, yes. We walked the streets of Storybrooke in the middle of the night, where there was absolutely no one around. We had the town to ourselves.

Favorite show to watch together?
Mary: DC Cupcake. And Project Runway. Say Yes to the Dress is pretty fun too but we haven't watched that in a while.
Lilly: Simply put, I agree with that.

Favorite thing to do together?
Lilly: Just chill. Be.
Mary: Exist. We like to watch shows together, and make videos sometimes. Paint things. We just.... ARRRREE like, rocks.

Most entrepreneurial experience together?
Mary: Elizabeth Rose.
Lilly: That was out craft fair business, I sold rice bags, and Mary and I both sold headbands. We didn't make much money.

How have we tricked each other in the past?
Mary: *angrily* NEBULA.
Lilly: I once told Mary that there was a 10th planet called Nebula, and she instilled it into her mind for many years. Mary says she never tricked me, but read on to the next question because I think this counts for something...

Things we've stolen from each other...
Mary: Candy. *eyes Lilly* Just candy. Confession time, I feel like I've stolen something from you. I usually return it. Oh, remember when we were young and foolish, and I gave you one of my Littlest Pet Shop houses, and I stole it back.
Lilly: You had two, you didn't need two, for any reason!!
Mary: But it was MINE! I didn't even want it back, it was just mine.
Lilly: Once I gifted you a giant green plastic pair of scissors for Christmas because we had joked a month before about how hilarious it would be to give someone a gift with a note attached saying "please return by:" and if you didn't return them, I said I would steal them back. And you never returned them when they were due, so I stole them. And then Mary is saying that apparently I gifted them back to her for permanent keeps on Groundhog day with a note saying "Happy Groundhog Day."

Terrible fashion choice your sister has made:
Mary: Crocs, a skort, a T-shirt with a tank top OVER the t-shirt.
Lilly: Gauchos. We both owned fuzzy t-shirts at one point.
Mary: Remember my little red poncho? I loved that poncho. Sometimes I wore it as a skirt.

Traumatizing memory:
Mary: When I got lost in Cabella's. I guess daddy was just an isle away, but it was really scary. And they paged mama over the intercom, and told me to wait by the fish.
Lilly: When I was attacked by our cat. I went to pick him up, and he turned on me and scratched me right below the eye. Skill have a small unnoticeable scar on my face, and an emotional scar on my heart. XD

Strangest adventure?
Mary: There's been many. I'm thinking of times at the cabin, but the strangest one you weren't there for. We went to that sketch tree farm(vlog). That was a strange adventure. Also when we were driving through a high risk tornado warning area and the sky was half red, half black. And it rained so much in just a few minutes.
Lilly: One of my favorites was sunrise morning-yoga-fishing. We got up at the crack of dawn to go swim and fish in a cold lake while we were camping, and we didn't catch anything but Mary found a dead fish and named it Chubs Positive.

Remember to look at Mary's Post (here)!!
Thank you for reading. :)
-Lilly and Mary


  1. My goodness, you two. You certainly have had some interesting times. XD

  2. ahhh chubs positive. Those were the days.


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