Inspiration by Sepia

The other day I found myself holding my camera and setting it to sepia and having a "deep and meaningful" photoshoot in my living room. These are the resulting photos, complete with life changing captions.



"Fence of Gloom"

"The Sky Has Fallen and We Didn't Even Notice"


"Slight Shift to the Left"

"The Messenger"

"Guitaring this Family Apart"

"Silence is These Edges"

"Sea of Legs"

"Appalachian Plains"

"Rise and Run"

"The Beast Within"

"The Mayor"

"Running Out of Time"


"Polar Ice-caps"

"The Void"
Thank you. 
Book your appointment now, because I have a feeling my skills will be in high demand. 


  1. These are amazing and inspiring.

  2. I am most definitely going to be contacting you for all my photographing (and captioning) needs in the future. XD


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