Fall has Fallen and I Hope it Doesn't Have Life Alert

I feel the excitement in my soul.

Just call me Randall.

 The days are getting shorter. 
The longer days wear me out so much. Because if the sun is out, I feel like I have to go enjoy it while it lasts. I end up pushing myself to get out and seize every opportunity, or I'm kicking myself if I don't because I feel like I'm wasting my time by being inside. PRESSURE!
It's nice to know we're going into the time of year where seclusion is encouraged.

 The blog is resurfacing. 
Only in fall, am I right?
Blogging is to me as exercise is also to me.

 The TBR grows. 
Is it just me, or does anyone else suddenly want to read 24/7 when the leaves start changing color?
I mostly just want to read, but I also get so inspired to learn every September. Everyone's going back to school, so I as a homeschooler have always liked to try to do my part and learn a little as well. Now that I've graduated, I feel even less of an obligation to learn, therefore it is even more fun. Reverse psychology!

 The clothes that I actually want to wear won't suffocate me. 
I'm just not that into tank tops. Bring on the trench coats and shoes that stay on your feet when you run!

Why does everyone like fall so much? Because I'm trying not to be mainstream here but fall is just so good!

Okay, so I bet you're wondering what I'm doing here.
What if I told you that I'm feeling really inspired to quit my Youtube channel and try to blog my book and movie reviews instead?
This pretty much goes against everything I believe in.
I don't like typing things on the computer.
I really like video production.
I've never been able to consistently blog before.
I've never been able to consistently produce videos before.
I prefer watching videos, therefore I make videos.

What makes it hard for me to read blog posts is that sometimes they get ramble-y. Videos can get that way too, but you can tune out a video easily if you'd rather crochet until they get past the 3 minute introduction. You can't tune out the words you're using so much brain and eyeball power to take into your head. If you have a blog audience, you truly have an audience.
With great power, as they say. *strike a spidey pose*
So as nice as they are, the youtube videos I make are not the kind of video I'd like to be making, so it feels a little counter-productive. I need to reprioritize.

I will blog again. Expect the unexpected.
The channel will live...
...for now....


  1. I'm curious to see how your Youtube channel and blog co-exist. You say you blog more in the fall, and I look forward to it.
    (no pressure XD)

    1. As am I! It's cool because each platform has it's own strengths and weaknesses ("due to his or her species"-Fantastic Mr. Fox) so it seems like I'll be able to test out a lot of new ideas. Lol! Me too, let's see how this goes. :'D


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