Revamping The Blog!

I know what you're thinking.
Who is this person?
Ah, a question I ask myself in times of self doubt. Who am I? This just got real deep. I was hoping to write a light hearted blog post, but since it has come to this... I am not perfect. There we go.
I am a human, who likes to think she is a comedian. And every comedian needs an online audience. So here I am. And that's who I am. I am here. *everyone with a sense of the grammatically right and wrong, cringing in the distance*
Here's my mission statement: This is a place for friends, and fan people.
The things that will be blogged about here will most likely revolve around the following subjects: Books, movies, tv, music, cookies, current events, my hobbies, and my life (but only the interesting parts, do not you worry.)
So if this is of ANY interest to you, stick around. It's gonna be fun.
If a blog format isn't really your style, follow me on the social medias. Links can be found to the right, and I'll post links to new blog posts whenever I can. It's like a subscription, but without the commitment of your time and inbox space!
Thanks for checking this out, I'm excited to see what happens here. I think we've got a good thing going on.
Haha, I'm Lilly, and thank ya for reading. ;)


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