It's a New Year

Oh yeah!
I have a blog!
You'd think I would have remembered something so simple, but it literally escaped my mind and RAN AWAY until today.
My newly established youtube channel has been taking up a lot of my time, and most of my creativity. It's going well though, and I'm extremely excited for this next year with it!
The reason that I'm back on my blog is because A. All my friends are posting about their year in review, and I have subsequently been inspired to do so. So stick around. ;)
And then there's B. Which is that I have new ideas concerning what I'll post here.
What I started posting was DIYs. I wanted them to be entertaining, and I wanted an excuse to be kept accountable to work on new real life 3-D projects. Video editing is all fun and games until you go to the doctor and find out that the source of all your problems comes from the fact that you have been sitting too much.
So that's fun.
This new idea for my blog does involve sitting, which I'll survive ultimately, but it's cool because it's going to connect my blog and my youtube channel.
I monetize my youtube channel because I hope for it to grow and eventually be a source of income! I've made 18 videos and I am currently still under the $2.23 mark, so it's going to take some time. But I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't love doing it. It's a lot of work, and I'm not really good at planning things out in like a list of bullet points before I talk about them so I usually just have to improvise and hope for the best. This is all going somewhere, don't worry.
On my channel I've tried doing book reviews, and I want to do movie and TV reviews, but I just feel like they're not really entertaining, and I always forget important things, and the footage is always a pain to go through because I take so much time between thoughts.
So first of all, I need to get more efficient about this.
But in the mean time, and maybe permanently, I think I'll be writing my reviews in the form of 2 dimensional words here on my blog.
It's quite a bit easier for me personally to write my thoughts rather than speak them, because I change my mind when I talk.
Don't listen to anyone who says that a backspace button is insignificant. BACKSPACE IS YOUR LIFE. I don't know who would have said that, but clobber 'em!!
I find it more enjoyable to write my reviews. At least I think I do, haven't officially tried it yet. Wait, that's a lie, I've written one and never posted it. But it turned out well. ;)
It's essentially my videos in word form. It's not too different at all, and I'm looking forward to trying it.
Now I do have concerns about monetization. I haven't set it up on this blog yet, and I don't know the figures. And maybe my subscribers prefer video over reading... (that's ironic.) It's possible that a video would be more worth my time, but I'm still going to try it.
That is all I want to say. Now I'm off to write my 2016 goals, and 2015 accomplishments.
Thanks for reading! -Lilly


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