Bandit Snow White Photoshoot

I'm a little late in getting to this. If there was still snow on the ground I wouldn't even mention it, but it's almost Summer now, so, dead giveaway.

This photoshoot was done right around new years 2015-2016 in a gorgeous snowy mountain location.
My sister is the model, and cosplay seamstress in question. She's very talented, I'm very proud. ;)

For Halloween 2015 she decided to dress up as Snow White from Once Upon A Time in her super stealthy (STEALTHY *cries*) bandit clothes.


Basically she whipped this out in a couple weeks and I'm still not sure how it happened. Definitely amazed though!

Notice the ring pouch...

She asked me to photograph her in her costume for obvious reasons, so I busted out my cinematography skills and composed a photoshoot which kind of reminds me of the way they shoot scenes for OUAT. Maybe you don't see it, but I feel like a couple of these could be stills from the show. :'D Looking at them makes me happy, so that's what counts. Unless you're in the real world... I'll leave that open to interpretation.

I know, the resemblance is uncanny.

This is not Mary's only cosplay victory, (btw I'm linking any mentions of my sister to her blog, which definitely deserves your attention) she has made another costume or two, and I'm trying to convince her to go on another photoshoot with me... I haven't asked her this week, so maybe I'll go do that again.

On behalf of myself, and my sister probably if I knew where she was so I could get a direct quote, thank you for your time, we hope you enjoyed these photos! :)
Stay tuned, I'm going to make another shoot happen... soon.... ish...

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  1. Seriously jealous of that costume. XD

  2. Stooooooop You're embarrassing meeeee! Thank you, dear sister, for photographing me in my epic costume. What photoshoot did you want to do? cause my Belle costume isn't very good...


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