Mable Pines Costume [Halloween 2017]

I'm gonna get straight to the point. This was my Halloween costume. I came up with it myself. Yes, I owned each of these items before I even considered dressing up as Mable.
Don't say this wasn't destiny.

I took some liberties concerning the specific pieces of the costume because that's just what I had to do. I think there's got to be a lot of ways to throw together a recognizable Mable costume.
This is what I used for mine...
1. Hot Pink Fuzzy Sweater (Goodwill)
All the rage these days, and probably the most 'Lilly' piece of clothing I've ever owned. I've actually been looking for this kind of sweater for years.
2. Purple Pleated Mini-skirt (Goodwill)
This probably wouldn't be mini on someone of average height, but it's mini on me. I don't know how Mable manages to wear a skirt all the time. Skirts are not my friend.
3. Pink Felt Headband (I made it)
More specifically, out of felt and hot glue. If you look closely, it's clearly just some scraps of felt hot glued in 4 different places, but that doesn't matter, hooray!!
4. Yellow T-shirt (Goodwill)
I'd like to thank Goodwill for existing. I chose a yellow shirt mostly because that's all I had, and I justified it because the star on Mable's sweater is yellow. I swapped the star color for the sweater color! Magic! The shooting star was also made of felt, and a lot of paint.
5. Leggings (Costco?)
A true necessity.
6. Pig Stuffed Animal (Country of origin: Canada, Brand: Webkinz)
Her name is Matilda, if you must know. My sister kindly loaned her to me as a prop. I think it really helped to sell the outfit.
7. Knee-high Multicolored Fuzzy Socks (TJ Maxx)
Because if you're gonna wear socks, you may as well wear the greatest socks.

I really felt like one of the kids this year.
I went trick-or-treating because all my siblings are still young enough to justify my presence, and it was so funny how whenever one of the real adults would say, "And who are you dressed as?" and I'd tell them, I always heard a trick-or-treater go, "You are Mable!" as though it had just clicked.
It was too fun. See you next year, candy!



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