...Fine, I'll call them Resolutions [2018]

Happy new year, ya'll! I love saying ya'll. I have no right to be saying it because I'm not southern, my family's not southern, my ancestors weren't southern, but I grew up on Hannah Montana so I consider myself to be southern by association.
It's like when people use that one excuse in sit-coms...
"Why do you have an English accent? Your parents aren't English!"
"Oh, umm, uhhh, I had an English Nanny."
*cue slapstick laughter*

I'm so excited to make this list! I've got lots of ideas and life is awesome. I'm more excited about reading than I've ever been due to a shift in perspective that has freed me up and sent me soaring, so yes, many of these resolutions will be reading-related. Many will also be just life related. It's pretty much just your average list. Do enjoy.

In 2018 I want to...

1. Buy Books. 
But like, the ones that I've already read and loved. I'd love to add to my collection and support the authors I like. I'm super hesitant now to buy a book that I haven't read because you just never know what's going to happen on those pages. It's a huge gamble, when you think about it! I really want to purchase some of my favorites from this year like the first Princess Diaries book, and the Grisha Trilogy, The Night Circus, and The Golden Compass. >:)

2. Read what I want, and be a brutally honest reviewer. :)
I have a whole new outlook on reading after being disappointed by so many books this year that were generally said to be amazing. I realized that Goodreads and Booktube can be misleading when it comes to reading suggestions because a lot of people don't read books critically and will just hand out 5 star ratings like they're complimentary micro-fiber screen cleaning cloths. A lot of reviewers are paid to help promote books so you only hear the good things from them, when in actuality there were lots of downfalls that maybe they weren't allowed to mention, or didn't feel brave enough to mention. If it was me who was being paid to share an honest review, I wonder if I would even have the courage to talk about the faults. I hope I would, and I think I would. I've been working on that! I want to be more courageous in talking about the books that I didn't like. I always want to say nice things because I realize how much work goes into the books that we read, but I also just want to be brutally honest when needed so that my reviews can be trusted to be truthful. I wanna read more of what sounds really exciting to me, less of what other people say is exciting.

3. Move About.
I want to take intentional fun breaks from my sedentary hobbies and work on my strength/flexibility. Maybe I'll watch Netflix while hanging upside-down on a monkey bar, maybe I'll do a handstand every morning, we'll just see what sounds fun!

4. Say What I Think.
This pretty much just means being more real with people. I don't have a hit-list and I'm not gonna start going around punching everyone who's wronged me. Just wanted to clarify that because when people resolve to "say what they think", it seems like it's usually because they've previously refrained from saying hurtful things and they're just sick and tired of being polite. Under reasonable circumstances, I resolve to speak more openly so that others have the opportunity to get to know me better. I haven't felt free to be real with people in my teenage years because I learned that not everyone will choose to understand you, and I didn't like not being understood/appreciated/liked. Now I know I'm understood by my family, so it's okay if other people don't get it. I know what my intentions are when I speak, and if someone else doesn't understand that's okay and I'll give further explanation whenever needed. I just really like genuine people who are comfortable with where they're at, so I wanna be one of those. XD

5. Take More Selfies.
It's not what it sounds like! I just realized that I had a lot of fun times in 2017, but I didn't take many pictures as they were happening. On Jan 1st I just kind of started taking a selfie whenever I did something fun, and I've already started amassing quite the little collection featuring people who I enjoy spending time with but never think to take photos with. This might end up being my favorite resolution! It just came to me, and it's been so fun already!

6.  Hit 1,000 Subscribers on LillyWhy.
I'm so hesitant to write down a number goal because who knows what's actually going to happen, it feels so out of my control, but I want to treat my channel more like a business and just "up" my video quality. I think I'm finally ready to do the work that's necessary, and skilled enough to make it worthwhile. Wish me luck, and tell your friends to subscribe! ;)

7. Keep Finishing Projects.
I had much success last year in the finishing of many long-standing projects around my life, so I'm going to keep up the habit. I've already gone through my room this week and started to get things in motion. By the end of the week I hope to have spray painted some stuff that's been sitting in the corner for like a year, and to finally get-rid-of that pile of get-rid-of stuff. Oh the irony.

Never set a goal that you're not sure you can reach, that's what works best for me. These resolutions aren't just things that I thought up at midnight on new years day just for the heck of the challenge, these are things that I've already been practicing in my life and that I know I'm capable of. Except for number 6, we'll see about you number 6. These changes are already happening in small ways every day, so writing them down simply serves as a reminder that I know I can do it.

I hope you have a grand year!! May you set many attainable goals, and have many fun times along the way. :)


  1. These are some awesome goals! I can also relate to the "y'all" thing. XD I find myself saying it without even realizing it, but I have never even stepped foot in the South, so what's that about???

    I hope that you have an amazing year on your Youtube channel. :)


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