After Seeing Hamilton

That's right, I saw it.
I was (as everybody likes to say when they go to see the show) "abiding in the area in which the event took place."
...Or was it something else they say...
Hamilton was the first Broadway show I've been to that I was actually hyped for. I've also been to Phantom of the Opera, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin, but I didn't have any expectations for those. I just figured that since I had the opportunity to see them that I may as well because touring Broadway shows are always good.
As I reflect on that fateful night, I now see that Hamilton never stood a chance of meeting my sky-high expectations. It was a good show, but my belief is that once you've experienced the soundtrack you've experienced the best of it. When I first listened to the soundtrack while laying on the floor of my room at 12 in the morning, the first 3 seconds of the first song literally blew my mind, and I couldn't believe how quickly I realized that I was listening to something revolutionary.
I had a feeling that when finally seeing it in person disappointment might very well be the case because I found out that it was a very simple and small production put on in a tiny theater. I actually found myself wondering if the dancers wore such scarce outfits because the budget had originally been too small to allow for more! :'D I still wonder about that.
So yes I was disappointed, but going to see it wasn't a waste. First of all, now I have bragging rights. B) Not necessary, but welcome. Secondly, it was pretty dang cool to hear it live. I liked how they intentionally cast people who looked/sounded similar to the original cast so that it remained familiar. This wasn't true of everyone though, just the primary characters. Angelica, Eliza, Peggy, Hamilton, Burr and King George all looked like their original cast counterparts. And they sounded similar too, but they made the role their own too which I thought was nice because it was such a nice balance of old and new. Mostly old, with just a tiny bit of new. Except for King George, he did whatever the heck he wanted and it was BEAUTIFUL.
Fun story, we stagedoored after the show and I think every single main cast member came out to give autographs. I don't like to collect autographs normally, so I was just standing by, saying "Good job out there," and "You have a really cool voice General Washington," (we had a nice little chat about why the Reynold's Pamphlet was the best number of the show) until King George walked out and I was struck with a brilliant plan.
I had the King sign my program.
Just him.
Right under "Hamilton."
In a shiny silver marker.
And my favorite part about this was that he came up to me and my friends and I asked, "You played King George right?"
Because it's hard to tell when they're not in costume; don't judge. It was an innocent question.
And he replied, "Well, I think so." Which only confirmed his place of honor on the program. I'm just a sucker for the comic relief.
I don't know if this answered any of your questions, but I hope it was interesting.
Peace out my dudes!


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