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I'm Actually Following Through with my Resolutions!!

At the beginning of this year I made 9 new years resolutions, I mean, "goals." Pft. I called them goals, so as not to be too predictable. Typical me. I should really talk with myself about that. Just wanted to give some progress reports for my own personal records. It was a good year, I accomplished almost every goal!! I made sure that my goals were attainable and relevant, I didn't just pick things like "Party in 20 different countries" because that doesn't matter to me first of all, but also it isn't something that I can realistically work into my life.

1. Read the Bible every day. 
Did I say that I met all my goals? This is an awkward one to start with because I did not do this. However, I'm completely okay with that. This goal was going well for like a month, and as planned for a good 5 months I think, but it got to the point where I was doing it as quickly as possible so I could check it off of my to-do list. It made me not want to read my bible …

Mable Pines Costume [Halloween 2017]

I'm gonna get straight to the point. This was my Halloween costume. I came up with it myself. Yes, I owned each of these items before I even considered dressing up as Mable.
Don't say this wasn't destiny.

I took some liberties concerning the specific pieces of the costume because that's just what I had to do. I think there's got to be a lot of ways to throw together a recognizable Mable costume.
This is what I used for mine...
1. Hot Pink Fuzzy Sweater (Goodwill)
All the rage these days, and probably the most 'Lilly' piece of clothing I've ever owned. I've actually been looking for this kind of sweater for years.
2. Purple Pleated Mini-skirt (Goodwill)
This probably wouldn't be mini on someone of average height, but it's mini on me. I don't know how Mable manages to wear a skirt all the time. Skirts are not my friend.
3. Pink Felt Headband(I made it)
More specifically, out of felt and hot glue. If you look closely, it's clearly just some…

Royal Blue Shoulder-Pad Extravaganza Refashion [thank goodness]

I've started making more frequent trips to goodwill. Is it because it's a magical place filled with ideas, opportunities, and sales? Yes! How'd you know?
I've been getting some fun clothes, including clothes with the potential to be refashioned.
Let's have this dress share it's story...

"Hi, I'm a wool sweater dress from the 80's! I was all the rage in my time, but these days I'm only appreciated for my pockets. I have built-in shoulder-pads which are capable of obscuring your entire face when viewed from an angle. Please don't chop me in half!"
Well dress, as much as I would love to not chop you in half and maybe place you in a museum instead, I'm still gonna do it. It's for the good of fashion, and humanity on a smaller scale.
This was a very simple refashion. I bought this with the intention of turning int a skirt, so a skirt I shall turn it into!

Step 1. Separate by any means necessary. I used a seam-ripper. You may chop if …

The Mayor ABC 1x01 Review [No Spoilers]

If Yvette Nicole Brown has anything to do with it, I'm there. That's how I learned about this new show on ABC....

The Pilot episode for The Mayor just premiered this week, and I tried it out today, as I had some free time after catching up on The Good Place. Remind me to do a review on The Good Place. SO COOL.
22 minute episodes are so great, why did we ever switch to 43?! Anyway, about The Mayor.
What a great looking show!!
This is about a guy (see dude in denim jacket) who runs for Mayor as a publicity stunt to propel his rapping career. He doesn't care about actually getting elected, but he ends up being a compelling candidate and accidentally wins a four year term. That's one way to discover a talent!
He now finds himself in a position of great responsibility, but he doesn't let the job intimidate him. He works straight from the heart, tackling problems that he knows people actually care about, in a way that allows the community to be involved. It's really,…

September 2017 Reading Recap [Spoiler-Free!]

Friends; family; lovers of pie; feast your eyes upon the...  REVIEW GALLERY REVIEW GALLERY REVIEW GALLERY. So I've been having way too much fun writing Goodreads reviews lately. 🤓 I like to think that I'm becoming a true connoisseur of the fine arts, and that my well contemplated afterthoughts regarding the written word are world-renowned. That's what I like to think. In actuality I'm reviewing Twilight in the voices of the characters. I do know this. 
Some of these books were reviewed in September simply because that's when I finished them, and others are here because I finally wrote reviews for them this month. The dates are all listed in case you're wondering where they fit in on the timeline, and every review is spoiler-free. If you'd like to read the full reviews, a link is provided so that you may travel to the land of Goodreads where you'll find what you're looking for. If you do go to my goodreads, shoot me a message and say my blog post sent …

Denim Shirt Refashion - Putting Old Navy Out of Business

I'm putting old navy out of business!? Yay!? (She exclaimed confusedly?!)
I altered a shirt that I bought at old navy to make it more suited to me and my style. I hear that's all it takes to put someone out of business these days. I may have heard wrong.
It all started last black Friday...
(     (   (  ( ((*ripple flashback*)) )  )   )    ) I was shopping at Old Navy.
I found a denim dress/shirt I liked the look of.
I bought it at a discounted price.
I wore it twice.
It sat in my closet, unwanted.
I decided to cut it in half.
(     (   (  ( ((*ripple to last week*)) )  )   )    )
This shirt/dress (tunic?? I only associate tunics with Jedi...) was not all bad, but it was too narrow at the legs and I feel like I looked like a sock. It was impossible to style it the way I wanted to, so I was either gonna get rid of it, or....

...CHOP IT!!! >:D It's important to note that I had a plan in mind, I didn't start chopping things willy-nilly. Even though it's fun to narrat…

Fall has Fallen and I Hope it Doesn't Have Life Alert

I feel the excitement in my soul.

 The days are getting shorter. 
The longer days wear me out so much. Because if the sun is out, I feel like I have to go enjoy it while it lasts. I end up pushing myself to get out and seize every opportunity, or I'm kicking myself if I don't because I feel like I'm wasting my time by being inside. PRESSURE!
It's nice to know we're going into the time of year where seclusion is encouraged.

 The blog is resurfacing. 
Only in fall, am I right?
Blogging is to me as exercise is also to me.

 The TBR grows. 
Is it just me, or does anyone else suddenly want to read 24/7 when the leaves start changing color?
I mostly just want to read, but I also get so inspired to learn every September. Everyone's going back to school, so I as a homeschooler have always liked to try to do my part and learn a little as well. Now that I've graduated, I feel even less of an obligation to learn, therefore it is even more fun. Reverse psychology!

 The clot…

Resolutions: A Thing of the Past. 2017 GOALS

First I want to tell you that in my labeling haste, I named this post "2016 Goals" before quickly realizing my error. Dang it. XD
Luckily none of my goals have anything against antedating, because this would be a swift and crushing blow to many of my dreams.
Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. This is Life Close Captioned, after all. *wink*
2017, MY OLD FRIEND!! (Time traveler's humor; you wouldn't understand.)
The new year is already in full swing, and so far it's going great. I've eaten more junk food than I care to admit, and watched the first new episodes of Sherlock to come out since the last inaccurately predicted apocalypse has come and gone. I spent the first two weeks of this year on a much needed getaway, where I did nothing but follow the whims of my heart, and fall victim to two different sicknesses. I know the sickness thing can be kind of a downer, but it's actually been quite awesome to have an excuse to do a lot more nothing, be…